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Have A Healthier Child Birth!

Make It Easier With

Prenatal Yoga


Reduce Aches & Pains, Increase Flexibility, Harmonize Moods & Emotions, Reduce  Stress, Relax, Reduce Fatigue, Breathe Properly,

Create Overall Peace & Harmony Within

For A Healthy Birth & A Strong, Healthy Child




* Relax the Body & Release Tension

* Increase Flexibility, Strength and Overall Well-Being

* Reduce Stress & Learn Relaxation Techniques

* Reduce Pain in Lower Back & Sciatica


* Decrease Aches & Fatigue

* Sleep Better

* Breathing Techniques to Reduce Pain

* Calm the Mind & Emotions


* Lower Joint Swelling & Inflammation

* Improve Digestion

* Helps Prepare You Physically For Giving Birth

Help During Pregnancy...

Increases flexibility, strength, & overall well-being — While practicing prenatal yoga your muscles will gain in flexibility, through the stretching and breathing opening up tissues & that surround your muscles, energizing your immune system & internal organs, stimulating blood circulation and fresh supply of oxygen, breathing with focus and calmness, helping you focus your attention within, through observing the breath, the mind and mental imagery.  The above combination increases your overall well-being at physical & emotional levels.

Reduce Pain in Lower Back & Sciatica — Learn to carry yourself with proper posture and alignment to reduce strain & tension on the back.  Certain prenatal yoga postures increase muscle strength in the back and abdominal core, in the hips and hamstrings, preventing injury & pain.  Learn to reduce the back pain caused by exaggerated pelvic tilt in prenatal yoga - learn to balance this & reduce unnecessary pain.

Decrease Fatigue & Aches in the Cervical & Thoracic Regions of the Spine — During pregnancy, sleep can be compromised and it's often difficult to find a comfortable position, compromising your alignment in your spine.  Certain prenatal yoga positions increase the fluidity and suppleness of your spine by stretching the muscles and increasing the mobility of the vertebrae forward, backward, sideways and through healthy twists that increase range of motion, keep the spine and nervous system flowing with health & vitality.

Reduces Joint Inflammation & Swelling — Reduced inflammation & swelling around wrists and ankles is a result of a regular and consistent prenatal yoga practice, as the oxygen flows and blood circulation increases throughout your body.

Digestion Improves— With the growth of your child, your digestion may be affected due to the intestinal organs which are are pushed and pressed.  This may cause indigestion. Prenatal yoga helps with safe and gentle twists and forward bends that can help be more regular and facilitate digestion.

Helps prepare you physically for giving birth — Our prenatal yoga in Milton incorporates squatting poses to help increase strength, flexibility, tone muscles in the pelvic area as well as to become comfortable and at ease in the squatting position.  Through the prenatal yoga, you will learn to use these useful muscles more intentionally, which are so vital during child birth.  Whether or not you choose to squat during child birth, effective & efficient use of these muscles will help you push your baby into the world once nature says it's time.

Improves Moods, Mental & Emotional Well-Being — In our group prenatal yoga in milton you will find a support from the community of people who share, understand and are going through the same process you are. 

Help During Labor...

Regardless of whether you are looking forward to a drug assisted birth or planning for a natural delivery, regular participation in a prenatal yoga program can reduce labor-associated anxiety by helping you tap into your own labor tools.

Empower & Soothe Yourself Finding Your Own Inner Rhythm — Prenatal yoga teaches you relaxing and natural breathing, flowing in harmony with the breath, calming the mind, and nervous system, rather than contrived or awkward breathing techniques. This can bring a powerful relaxation and pain reduction tool, whenever you practice moving your body and your breath in a smooth and flowing way.

Make the Process of Labor Much Easier — Through prenatal yoga, you will learn to identify how and when you are holding tension in your body.  Tension causes stress and anxiety, which doesn't facilitate the labor process as easily as a mind and body that has learned to become calm.  Learn how to release that tension through breathing and centring your attention to relax, allow things to happen naturally and smoothly without you tightening up & increasing the pain making the process more complicated than it need be.

Improve your physical comfort — Learn how to place the body in positions that help during contractions and relaxation if you wish a natural birth.  Many prenatal yoga poses can work wonderfully as comfortable child birth positions.


Prenatal Yoga in Milton Classes on various evenings and on weekends.

Space is limited for the Prenatal Yoga in Milton.  The Class books up quickly.  If you are serious about finding helpful benefits of prenatal yoga in Milton and wish to facilitate a healthy child birth, please pick up the phone and call Vitality Yoga before the class fills up. 

Call: 647-832-4799

E-mail: jason@VitalityYoga.com



"I Had the Most Refreshing Sleep in Months"

"I really enjoyed the first class after which

I had the deepest, most refreshing sleep I have had in months.

I can feel a lessening of stress as well."

Bonnie Jordan, bjordan@stn.net

Georgetown, ON

* results may vary from person to person