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Class Schedule - For All Locations


For Milton, Georgetown, Mississauga,


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Milton Yoga Classes in Red

Georgetown Yoga Classes in Pink



Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun






regular yoga & PrenatalYoga 9am

  Milton 12:00pm yoga        

Milton noon-1pm

Milton 6pm  

Milton 6pm

Milton 7:15pm reg.yoga & Prenatal Yoga 7:15

Milton 7:45pm

Milton 7:15pm

 Milton 7:45pm




350 Main St., Milton, L9T 1P6 (Main/Ontario area)


Mon: yoga -6pm or 7:15pm & prenatal yoga 7:15pm

Tues: yoga 12pm and 7:45pm

Wed: yoga -  12:00pm, 6pm or 7:15pm

Thurs: yoga 7:45pm

Saturday: yoga-9am, prenatal yoga- 9am

Sunday: yoga 12pm noon

Pilates: Thurs 7:45pm


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possibilities for more prenatal yoga during the weekdays



Cost and Availability: 3 Options

3 Months Option

6 monthsGET 1 MONTH FREE - Get 6 months for the price of 5

1 Year - GET 3 MONTHS FREE - Get 12 months for the price of 9


Classes per Week

3 months

6 months


6 For the Price of 5

1 Year - 12 months


12 for the Price of 9




Special $325.00

Limited Time

(17% OFF Save $65)


Special $585.00

Limited Time

(25% OFF save $195)



Special $345.00

(25% OFF 2nd class)


Special $575.00

Limited Time

(26% OFF Save $115)


Special $1035.00

Limited Time

(34% OFF save $525)





Missed classes can be made up at any other class or time within your registration period. They are not lost.  Once a student has completed the first trial class and made a commitment to register, payments made are non-refundable.


Call to register or secure a free class : 647-832-4799 or 1-866-384-0099 

Drop in classes possible - call first to see if there's space.

Your life will begin to improve and your problems will decrease once you start.  

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Take the first step towards improving your body and your life: Call at 647-832-4799 to discuss your needs, your goals and to schedule you into private or group yoga classes in Milton, Georgetown, Carlisle, Mississauga or Campbellville/Brookville.  We'll talk about your situation and determine what's best for you.

You'll be amazed at how yoga will be easier than you thought.  You'll bring vitality to your body and calmness to your mind and emotions, making your life so much easier.

I look forward to working with you.


Jason Boudrias, Certified Yoga Specialist and Founder

The class schedule fills up quickly.  If you are serious about making significant improvements in your life, I invite you to pick up the phone and call us today.  There's no better time than now.

Call: 647-832-4799



15% Off

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"I Never Experienced that

Peace & Relaxation Before"

"After the last class I felt extremely relaxed and I made a comment to some of my classmates that my legs felt very flexible for a change.  I love yoga and look forward to Monday's now. It is nice to know that I can reach that level of peace and relaxation-I had never experienced that before.

I never realized how relaxing stretching and

holding a pose can be. It is also good for concentration.
This may be my first yoga class but it won't be my last."

Patti McTavish, patti.mctavish@sympatico.ca

Milton, ON

* result may vary from person to person


Call Now: 647-832-4799

Improve your body, improve your mind, improve your life.

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Offer Expires

End of This Month



"I Had the Most Refreshing Sleep in Months"

"I really enjoyed the first class after which

I had the deepest, most refreshing sleep I have had in months.

I can feel a lessening of stress as well."

Bonnie Jordan, bjordan@stn.net

Georgetown, ON

* results may vary from person to person