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Jason Boudrias

Founder of

Vitality Yoga


Contact info:
Please e-mail Jason at jason@VitalityYoga.com
or call (647) 832-4799.

As a certified yoga Instructor and founder of Vitality Yoga, I have been teaching and practicing yoga and meditation since 1995.

I have a background in Electrical Engineering. After graduation, however, I realized that working 9-5 as an engineer for some company wasn't the direction I wanted to take.  Who would have thought an engineer would become a Yoga teacher?  It has truly been a rewarding journey for me one of helping others to find balance, health and more meaning in their lives.

Life never ceases to throw challenges at us all and although it can be quite a juggling act to find balance in the everyday chaos of work, family, relationships and unexpected problems, the practice of yoga and meditation has given me an anchor, a place to be still and find that center of inner peace during the trials and challenges of life. 

I love learning and am passionate about life.  "Every adversity contains within it the seed of an equal or greater benefit"  is an aphorism I very much enjoy.  My major interests include meditation, public speaking, taking enchanting walks in the country, reading uplifting books, listening to devotional music and eating delicious food.

Helping others find their own state of harmony and balance in their personal lives through Yoga brings me great satisfaction.

Sustaining a state of alignment  is a personal goal of mine.  That state of alignment and harmony occurs when our intentions, our thoughts, words, actions and the directions we choose in life, are all in harmony with the core values and universal principles we live by. We can always listen in the depths of the heart to our conscience which guides us.  It never lies.  When my conscience is at peace, I know I am in alignment.  It's not always an easy task, but something I aspire to.  I enjoy the growing peace which comes as a result.  I wish that others too may experience coming into alignment with themselves and the inner states of peace that follow.

May you experience vitality, peace and all the blessings that life has to offer. 

Enjoy your yoga!

With warmth and friendship,


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