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Jason Boudrias

Founder of

Vitality Yoga




































































































"In The Beginning I Was Unable To Do Even The Basics..."

"I had back pain and was not in shape. In the beginning I was unable to do even the basic positions, but by the end I was able to do so much more and was greatly pleased at how flexible I had become, I really saw a great difference. It put me back in shape, not only my back, but it was beneficial on all levels.  With Jason it was easy to just let go in perfect confidence and really relax".

Guylaine Gendron,

Montreal, QC

* results may vary from person to person

































































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Discover How Quickly and Easily You Can Improve Your Life... Feel Better, Look Better, Live Better!


Vitality Yoga's relaxed, safe, gentle approach combines the most beneficial of bodily movements and positions with proper breathing, concentration and deep relaxation.  

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Now You Can...

  • Relieve stress, dispel worry and uplift depression. Pressure at the job, deadlines, personality conflicts, relationship challenges, family issues, financial concerns; it all adds up to STRESS!  Failing to relieve stress takes it's toll on the body and the mind leading to illness, negative thinking, moods, & emotions.  The good news is you can relieve stress in your life by nourishing yourself with uplifting activities like yoga that replenish you, instead of drain you, which promote well-being, relaxation and leave you feeling good.  Through postures, breathing and deep relaxation you'll relieve stress from the body and calm the mind. You'll feel relaxed, refreshed and uplifted, like a new person.

  • Lose weight, naturally.  Studies show that mid-age people practicing yoga lose weight as opposed to others who tend to gain weight.  Besides burning calories, Yoga helps you lose weight in a variety of ways.  Yoga builds muscle and the metabolism gets a boost.  Yoga stimulates the thyroid gland normalizing weight without you having to break a sweat in the gym 3 days a week.  Yoga goes even deeper by changing the relationship of mind to body, and eventually to food and eating which can have tremendous impact on weight loss. Furthermore the effect of proper breathing on weight loss is another aspect we cover in yoga classes. 

  • Increase mobility in neck, shoulders, hips and other joints. The less we use our joints, the more they stiffen up. Eventually as we age arthritis and stiffness occur. Yoga increases our range of motion, lubricates our joints and keep them healthy.  You'll be pleasantly surprised at how much easier you perform every day activities like twisting, walking and running as you increase your joint range of motion.  You'll feel lighter!

  • Boost your energy level. As you move the body in certain postures which stretch or compression certain muscles, blood flow & oxygen increase in that area.  When combined with proper breathing, energy flows throughout the body helping to relieve stress, cleansing and energizing your body as a result.  Students report energy level increases for days after a class.

  • Sleep Better. If you have trouble sleeping, our yoga approach will help significantly.  Besides teaching you techniques that can be used to help you relax and sleep better, the class itself leaves you feeling free of tension and deeply tranquil.  Students find that they automatically sleep better.

  • Increase Flexibility & Strength. Yoga transforms muscles bringing length, flexibility and strength.  Celebrate powerful yet supple muscles without necessarily adding volume.

  • Reduce Back Pain.  Yoga fosters proper posture and alignment.  It increases spine mobility, strengthens muscles in the lower back and core thus supporting your spine, reducing pain, and further chance of injury.  Enjoy strong and supple spine free of back pain!

  • Look and Feel Younger.  Regular practice of yoga slows the aging process.   The inner life impulse increases clearing your mind, gradually bringing a sparkle to your eyes, a radiance to your face and a vibrant glow to your skin.  You'll look and feel better.

  • Calm Your Mind & Find Inner Peace. Beyond just bodily benefits our yoga approach seeks to redirect the mind away from anxiety, worry and mental stress toward a clear, relaxed, harmonious state of mind.  As your body comes into alignment and your mind becomes still and calm, your natural state of inner peace, already present within you, reawakens.


Yoga - It's Easier Than You Think!

Not sure you'll fit in? You're flexible enough?  Or you'll be able to do it?  Many of our students felt the same way before they started.  Now they say they should have started sooner.  The reality is you don't need to be thin, young, in shape, strong, or flexible to begin yoga.  Yoga will benefit every one, no matter what condition you're in.  If you're able to breathe, you're able to do yoga. 

My name is Jason Boudrias, Founder of Vitality Yoga & Certified Yoga Instructor.  Studying and practicing yoga and meditation since 1995 has brought me a wealth of knowledge and experience which I bring to the classes.  I teach private one on one yoga classes as well as group yoga classes.  I've worked people of all ages as well as children and seniors. I often hear the comment after their first class: "Thank you!  It's better than I thought."

Your body will loosen up! I used to have a difficult time crossing my legs before I started yoga.  I'm living proof that the body will adjust and loosen up with a gentle and regular practice.  Yours can too!

Does Yoga keep you looking young?   Practicing Yoga brings me vitality, energy, it keeps me looking young and feeling great! I'm 38 and I still have people thinking I'm in my early 20's.  If it works for me, it'll work for you!


I Have a Lot More Energy, I Feel Taller,

I Sleep Better Each Night!

"Wow~To sum it up!! I slept very well that first night (as I normal am awake every hour on the hour) I actually slept through to 5 am... big change for me.  I have had more restful sleep each night since. And a lot more energy. The first day after class I noticed I felt taller. My posture was "perfect" and my lower back didn't hurt (like it normally does)  I am so excited to continue!!

Michelle Kent, bootsndaisies@hotmail.com

Campbellville, ON

* result may vary from person to person


"The Days Stresses Have Been Erased"

I'm really enjoying your yoga class.  I leave  feeling relaxed and in a positive state of mind.  I definitely feel better after class then before... the days stresses have been erased.  Well maybe not erased but I certainly feel my mind is clearer.  This past week my legs, thighs especially, my core and arms all felt that I had worked muscles that I haven't worked in a while!! No pain at all just that I had worked the muscle, it felt good actually.  I have been more aware of my breathing and posture as well.

Monica, Milton ON

* result may vary from person to person


"I was Out Of Shape and

Wanted To Lose Some Weight.."


To Listen to Hamid Himself, Click Play Below (60sec))

Prior to taking Yoga with Jason I was out of shape and wanted to lose some weight... I was hooked after the very first  class. Physically the yoga really helped me get back in shape, increase my flexibility and tone my body. It was great to relieve stress and tension.... I wish Jason was still teaching in Montreal.  In fact if he ever came back here to teach I would be the first in his class.

Hamid Vanaki - Montreal, QC

* result may vary from person to person



Some Physical Benefits of Yoga: We get comments from clients all the time: their posture improves, they breathe better, and have increased energy, sleep improves, their back pain is gone, their able to walk longer and move more easily.  It also helps reduce high blood pressure, lowers cholesterol levels, constipation problems decrease, digestion improves, nervous system functions better, immune system gets stronger, and concentration and memory improve.  Listed below you'll find some physiological benefits of yoga. 


Physiological Benefits of Yoga

* increases muscle flexibility and joint range of motion
* increases muscular strength, endurance, and joint stability
* improves posture, steadiness, coordination, and balance
* decreases joint and back pain
* increases immunity
* improves sleep and increases energy levels
* decreases heart rate and increase cardiovascular efficiency
* decreases respiratory rate and improves respiratory efficiency
* reduces high blood pressure
* improves digestion and normalizes gastrointestinal function
* improves excretory functions and reduces constipation and Irritable Bowel Syndrome
* improves flow of lymphatic system, thus helps in removal of toxins  
* normalizes endocrine (hormone) function
* normalizes weight and body composition
* increases bone density and decreases onset of osteoporosis
* decreases blood sugar levels
* decreases sodium
* decreases total cholesterol
* increases HDL (good) cholesterol /decreases LDL and VLDL (bad) cholesterol
* decreases triglycerides
* increases grip strength
* EEG - alpha brain waves increase leading to a restful mental state
* brings autonomic nervous system to stable equilibrium
* improves dexterity, reaction time, and depth perception
* increases Galvanic Skin Response (GSR)



"At 43 I Had Lost Most of My Mobility..."

Find Out What Happened To Randy After 2 Classes


Click play below to listen(1:50)

Randall Holt, Randall.Holt@investorsgroup.com

Financial Planner, The Investors Group, Georgetown, ON

* result may vary from person to person


"My Posture Improved Dramatically"

"There are several areas that I feel I have benefited in already from just a few classes.  I discovered after Monday evening's class that I felt like my posture had improved dramatically.

Overall I am enjoying myself tremendously and had considered contacting you for further classes."

 C. L, Milton, ON

* result may vary from person to person


How does Yoga Affect the Mind and Emotions? The benefits aren't limited to the body.  By making use of the body and breath in yoga, most remarkably, it also calms and harmonizes your mind and emotions, bringing you into balance at all levels.  Your moods are uplifted, it brings a sense of well being, decreases anxiety and fear, increases self-confidence, you won't get angry as easily, you'll develop self-acceptance and acceptance of others.  Your overall life impulse increases and you feel happier.  Your bodies ability to naturally heal itself improves, allowing you to recover from injury or illness much more rapidly.


Maria's Enthusiasm Speaks for Itself as She Describes Her After-Class Experience


Click Play to Listen (13sec)

Maria Barba, Teacher

Montreal, QC

* result may vary from person to person


"An Immense Help in Managing Anxiety."

"I definitely notice immediate effects after class.  I am certainly more calm, relaxed and feel more positive... Yoga is really helping me manage my anxiety...I feel great physically...

I am really enjoying your approach and positive energy.";

Rochelle Garcia Rochelle.Garcia@tel.tdsb.on.ca  

Milton, ON

* result may vary from person to person


8 Things You Can Expect From Our Yoga Classes

All you'll need is some comfortable clothing for stretching and a yoga mat.

YES - I will create an environment where you feel safe, comfortable, and welcome.

YES - I will encourage you to accept yourself and respect your body and its limitations.

YES - We will work gently together, gradually according to your abilities.

YES - I will help center you mentally at the beginning of each class, helping you disconnect from your day, your concerns and worries.

YES - I will demonstrate and guide you through the movements.

YES - I will be available to adjust you in holding the positions properly.

YES - You'll notice an increased sense of accomplishment as your range of motion increases and your aches and pains begin to leave you.

YES - Your self-esteem and confidence will increase.  Anxiety, fear and depression will diminish.



Stiff Hips?

What Happened After Tracy's 1st Class?


To Here Tracy Tell About It

Click Play Below (35 sec)

Tracy Has Stiffness in Her Arthritic Hips and

Made Impressive Flexibility Progress

Already After The 1st Class.

Tracy White, westofeden99@yahoo.com

Milton, ON

* result may vary from person to person



"My Aches and Pains Disappeared";

"Since I have been doing my yoga I did not suffer the aches and pains in my hips normally associated with over exertion. I also notice my mobility is better..(picking things up off the floor or soaping myself in the shower!)...

My hips and knees felt much better."

"I look forward to more and improving benefits by Jason's approach to yoga, which I find the best approach I've seen so far, not because it's easy but because it's methodical and I find it also very, very relaxing"

Randall Holt, Randall.Holt@investorsgroup.com

Financial Planner, The Investors Group, Georgetown, ON

* result may vary from person to person



8 more items to expect + 3 you surely won't get from our Yoga classes

YES - I will guide you to breathe deeply and rhythmically.

YES - I will help you in focusing your mind as well as your body.

YES - Your moods will improve and you will gain inner strength.

YES - I will teach you how to relax in and between the positions.

YES - You will discover states of inner peace dormant within you.

YES -  At the end of each class you will be guided into deep relaxation assisting you to relieve stress and any remaining tension.

YES - You'll leave the class with a feeling deep peace and harmony.

YES - You will look forward to our yoga classes.

NO - You won't be forced to go beyond your capabilities.

NO - You won't ever leave the class in the same state you entered.

NO - You won't ever regret joining yoga with us.


It's really Empowering!

I can't say enough about it

"I definitely like this form of exercise.  I have joined gyms before and taken aerobic classes but I don't stick with it for more then a few months.  The over all fitness and benefits that yoga provides in terms of relaxation is what I'm enjoying.  I like that the movements are slower and with purpose.  It really is empowering somehow.  The different poses work many areas, not just one.  

I can't say enough about it! "

Monica, Milton ON

* result may vary from person to person


Ready to take action and improve your life?  Ask yourself first: Do you want to do private yoga classes or group yoga classes?  I'll explain them both below. 


Private Yoga Classes

Thinking about trying private yoga classes?  This is a great way to go.  Private lessons are unbeatable because they are completely specialized, focused 100% on your needs and goals, helping you achieve  them much faster.  I can customize the yoga classes specifically for you.  I listen to you, your concerns and goals.  Private yoga classes offer the added benefit that they are according to your schedule. I can come to your location, or if you prefer, we can use my studio.  If you want to get the maximum benefit from your time spent with me, I recommend private instruction.  People who are uncomfortable in groups may also benefit from private yoga classes. Where do I offer private yoga classes? All over the Greater Toronto Area and West End including yoga in Milton, Campbellville,  yoga in Georgetown, Brampton, Mississauga, Oakvillle, Burlington, Etobicoke, and all of Toronto.

Limited Personal Client Yoga Classes Are Available Now.  You'll begin to experience improvements in your life the moment you pick up the phone and call me at 647-832-4799. 

To learn more about private yoga classes click here...

Group Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes in Milton, Mississauga, Brampton

Yoga Classes in Georgetown and Limehouse

Yoga Classes in Carlisle, Campbellville/Brookville, Acton and Rockwood

I offer group yoga classes in Milton, Georgetown, Mississauga, Brampton, Carlisle, Campbellville/Brookville and surrounding areas.  If you live in Brampton or Mississauga, the yoga classes in Milton or Georgetown may be quite close to you.  Call for info.


Schedule of Group Yoga Classes

All classes below are for yoga at the following locations and times


Milton Yoga Classes in Red

Georgetown Yoga Classes in Pink



Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun






regular yoga & PrenatalYoga 9 am

  Milton 12:00pm yoga        

Milton noon-1pm

Milton 6pm  

Milton 6pm

Milton 7:15pm regular yoga & Prenatal Yoga 7:15

Milton 7:45pm

Milton 7:15pm

 Milton 7:45pm



Call 647-832-4799 for more info and addresses.


Click Here to Get Your Free Trial Class - Limited Time Offer

Cost and Availability: $195 for 3 months 1/week. 

$150 for a second class and $80 for a third class.  Classes Fill Up Quickly. 

Drop in classes possible - call first to see if there's space.

Your life will begin to improve and your problems will decrease once you start.  

Take the first step towards improving your body and your life: Call me at 647-832-4799 to discuss your needs, your goals and to schedule you into private or group yoga classes in Milton, Georgetown, or our other loacations.  We'll talk about your situation and determine what's best for you.

You'll be amazed at how yoga will be easier than you thought.  You'll bring vitality to your body and calmness to your mind and emotions, making your life so much easier.

I look forward to working with you.


Jason Boudrias, Certified Yoga Instructor and Founder

Our schedule fills up quickly so if you are serious about making significant improvements in your life, I invite you to pick up the phone and call us today.  There's no better time than now.

Call: 647-832-4799


15% Off

For the first 15 registrations. Call Today! 


"I Never Experienced that

Peace & Relaxation Before"

"After the last class I felt extremely relaxed and I made a comment to some of my classmates that my legs felt very flexible for a change.  I love yoga and look forward to Monday's now. It is nice to know that I can reach that level of peace and relaxation-I had never experienced that before.

I never realized how relaxing stretching and

holding a pose can be. It is also good for concentration.
This may be my first yoga class but it won't be my last."

Patti McTavish, patti.mctavish@sympatico.ca

Milton, ON

* result may vary from person to person


Call Today! 647-832-4799


Improve your body, improve your mind, improve your life.

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3 min audio on Vitality Yoga

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"I Had the Most Refreshing Sleep in Months"

"Jason-I really enjoyed the first class after which

I had the deepest, most refreshing sleep I have had in months.

I can feel a lessening of stress as well."

Bonnie Jordan, bjordan@stn.net

Georgetown, ON

* results may vary from person to person





































"I'm Less Bothered By Muscle Discomfort"

"I have noticed the positive effects, particularly for about a day after.  I am less bothered by muscle
discomfort in my back, I'm more relaxed and I seem to note improved posture.  I look forward to improving my ability to meditate or at least quiet my mind.  Overall, I'm enjoying it very much."

Tanya Elliott, tanya.elliott@redcross.ca

Milton, ON

* results may vary from person to person




















































































"It Helped Me Cope the Rest of the Week"

"My experience doing yoga with Jason was great! I wanted to do yoga to help me relax and release body tensions. The classes were always in a very peaceful and happy mood. It help me connect with my real self and give me the energy to cope with my daily activities for the rest of the week."

- Lisette Savoie, lisettesavoie@hotmail.com,  Montreal, Qc

* results may vary from person to person











"It Releases

Tension & Aches"

"I enjoyed the class last night and found that when I close my eyes during the pose it does really help to focus on what is going in inside of yourself.. and gives you the chance to release the tension or "aches"

Michelle Kent, bootsndaisies@


Campbellville, ON

* results may vary from person to person





"I Could Feel The Benefits For Days Afterwards"

"When I began taking yoga classes with Vitality Yoga, I was feeling very stressed and my body was stiff due to very excessive demands at the office.  I truly enjoyed the classes, Jason was creating a very peaceful atmosphere.  My body did lack flexibility but Jason only asked what was within my (and others) reach.  I made all efforts to try to do the exercises and a lot of tension could leave me during the class.  I could feel the benefits for days afterwards. 

- Rejean Michaud, rejeanmichaud@yahoo.ca Montreal QC

* results may vary from person to person